The first family of Assholes….The Palin family….Ready for Jerry Springer after last Saturday’s big brawl….

Ready for Jerry Springer!  Comes in a Stretch Hummer!

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP/ABC News) – Police say they are investigating a fight that broke out among a large crowd at a birthday party attended by family members of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Anchorage police spokeswoman Jennifer Castro said Friday that police responded to a report late last Saturday of a verbal and physical altercation among about 20 people outside a home in south Anchorage.
Castro said she couldn’t discuss specifics about what Palin relatives were there or what role they might have had in the brawl.
However, a guest at the party told ABC News that daughter Bristol Palin threw a right hook at a man.
“She was punching him in the face like six times; it was an assault if I’ve ever seen one,” Eric Thompson said, adding that he was among 70 guests at the party. “It wasn’t a light punch either. She was really hitting him. I’m surprised he just sat there and took it.”
Political blogger Amanda Coyne reported that Sarah Palin, along with husband Todd and kids Bristol, Willow and Track, arrived in a stretch Hummer and that the fighting started as the beer started flowing.
The Palin family was asked to leave the party after Track Palin, 21, attacked another party guest who had previously dated his younger sister, Willow Palin, Thompson said.
“I heard Sarah Palin yell do you know who I am? All of us could not believe it. We thought we were watching an episode of Jerry Springer,” he added.
Police said at the time of the incident, no one wanted to press charges and no arrests were made. The case, however, remains under investigation.
Palin family attorney John Tiemessen was on a hunting trip Friday and unavailable for comment.

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