What ASSHOLE led the team to cut down the “World’s Oldest Tree”?

logger2-1024x682 Amazon

A group of illegal loggers at the edge of the Peruvian and Brazilian border cut down the ‘World’s Oldest Tree’ after assumedly not noticing that they were deep within the Matsés Indigenous Reserve (a place where logging is illegal). In effect of this offensive act, the local conservation organizations and native indigenous communities are infuriated.

If it is not startling enough that in the last 40 years loggers have deforested approximately 20% of the Amazon rain forest, the latest news claiming illegal loggers have cut down what experts claim to be the “oldest living tree in the world” will shock and infuriate many.

Read More: http://www.trueactivist.com/worlds-oldest-tree-accidentally-cut-down-by-loggers-in-amazon/

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